Partners & Resources

At the Enhanced Fertility Programme we believe in creating partnerships and collaborations with organisations that are aligned with our vision of increasing awareness and improving fertility rates worldwide at minimal cost to populations. The following clinics are prime collaborators of the Enhanced Fertility Programme, currently involved in a clinical trial offering the programme alongside standard fertility treatment:

EmbryoClinic (Greece)

IVF Spain Alicante

IVF Spain (Spain)

IVF London

IVF London Clinic (United Kingdom)


RHG (United Kingdom)

Eko Womens Clinic

Eko Women's Clinic (Russia)

We also collaborate with the following clinics and organisations:
Andreia Trigo - Babble Prime

IVF Babble Prime


Fertility Network UK


London South Bank University

The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast

Fertty Clinic

Fertty Clinic (Spain)

Gennet City Fertility

Gennet City Fertility Clinic (United Kingdom)

My IVF Answers

My IVF Answers

Stronger Together


National Fertility Society

National Fertility Society

Logo Ferticentro

Ferticentro Clinic (Portugal)

Tambre Logo

Tambre Madrid (Spain)

URE Centro Gutenberg

URE Centro Gutenberg (Spain)


FIV Marbella (Spain)

Irema Clinic

Irema Clinic (Spain)

Cryos logo


The Fertility Pharmacy

Your IVF Abroad

Your IVF Abroad

Fertility Help Hub

Fertility Help Hub

Want to become a partner?

As a manager or founder of a fertility clinic, you may also want to consider providing extra support to your patients through the Enhanced Fertility Programme.

Data shows lack of emotional support is the most common reason for patients to change clinics or stop treatment altogether.
With our comprehensive platform for support, you will be able to increase your patient acquisition and retention rates.

If you're interested in our packages for fertility clinics, please complete the form below and will get in touch with you: