More than 30 years ago, on January 1, 1991, Unica opened the doors of its first private IVF clinic. On this day, we became pioneers of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic.

Over the last thirty years, we have perfected medical procedures, advanced treatment methods, and patient communication. We have constantly improved medical procedures and treatment methods to ensure better results. At Unica, we offer the world's latest technologies for infertility treatment. This ranks us among the most modern clinics in Europe.

Our employees are a carefully selected and well-coordinated team of doctors and nurses with great human and professional qualities who are always ready to address every concern of even the most demanding patients.

Why Unica?

Medical Excellence

Team of doctors and Embryologists internationally trained and ESHRE certified specialists.

Personalized care

Anamnesis patient file distance preparation so that your doctor knows you even before you enter the clinic.

Premium facilities & equipment

Our modern clinics are built and equipped to the lates industry and regulatory standards.

Outstanding donor programs

No waiting list – begin your egg donation/sperm donation treatment as soon as possible

Live Birth Guarantee programme

UNICA clinics bring you, apart from the standard packages, a unique multi-cycle IVF programme with donated oocytes with a refund guarantee.

Holistic fertility program

We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic that brings a unique combination of top IVF treatment and holistic medicine.

Success of IVF treatment

Our first IVF baby was born in 1993. Since then, more than 10 000 babies were born with the help of UNICA.

Modern clinics in Prague and Brno

We offer the highest quality of medical care at two convenient locations.

Treatments, diagnostics & genetics

- Egg Donation Treatment

Fertility Preservation
- Egg & sperm Freezing
- MicroChip Fertile Plus®
- Timelapse
- Assisted hatching
- EmbryoGlue®
Genetic Analysis
- Carrier Genetic (CGT PLUS)
- Prenatal genetic tests
- NIPT tests
Holistic Fertility
- Phisiotherapy
- Meditation
- Fertility Yoga
- Acupuncture
- Psychology
- Nutrition

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