The Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE) was established in Malaga in 1987. Just two years later we successfully achieved the very first IVF pregnancy in the province, making us one of Spain’s top clinics for innovation and expertise. According to data from the Spanish Fertility Society, our fertility clinic performs the greatest number of assisted reproduction treatments in the province of Malaga.

URE Centro Gutenberg is a family clinic, evidenced by our history throughout the years and by the empathy and compassion we show our patients. We don’t belong to a larger group. Our objectives always include the words “pregnancy”, “wellbeing” and “patient”. We are by your side throughout the process.

We have over six hundred square metres of modern and well-kept facilities. For your convenience, every step of treatment will be carried out here: from the beginning with your first consultation to the completion of your treatment.

Why URE Centro Gutenberg?

At URE Centro Gutenberg we offer quality services from the very first appointment until there is a “healthy child at home”, thanks to a system of process monitoring and measurement which improves patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care.

International Services

At URE Centro Gutenberg we are well aware of the needs our international patients have and we appreciate the effort involved in travelling from your home country to Spain to achieve your dream. That is why we have specialised staff who will be here to help you from the moment you contact our assisted reproduction centre in Malaga.
We will coordinate your travel so that you only have to come to Malaga once or twice, and we will be in direct contact with you via email, Skype and/or by phone.

Treatments, Genetic Analysis & Techniques

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