Welcome to the Enhanced Fertility Programme!

Fertility and Emotions

Emotional distress is the most common reason to stop fertility treatment.

Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition and supplements can help you improve the quality of your eggs and sperm.

Physical Activity2

Physical activity and exercise tailored to your needs move you towards your fertility zone.

Habits and Environemnt

Changing habits, addictions and environment can increase your chances of success.

We help you improve your physical and emotional health

The Enhanced Fertility ProgrammeTM has been developed to help you improve your health and lifestyle for fertility. The programme includes:

  • One year of full support
  • Access to the online fertility course
  • One to one consultations with the nurse or counsellor
The programme has been prepared using evidence-based research. It's online so you can start it and access it whenever you want and in the comfort of your own home. For 1 whole year, you will have access to presentations, recordings, articles and webinars with specialists.

You also have access to 3 sessions with a fertility nurse or with a counsellor to create your unique plan, get advice, motivation or direction. Access the information and support you need, when you need it!

How does it work?



Register online, create your unique profile and access on the go.

Access Information

Access the information you need when you need it and learn about fertility.

Professional Support

Get support from a professional nurse and coach to help you improve your health.

Peer Support

Get support from people who are going through similar journeys.

By Andreia Trigo, nurse consultant, as seen on

What do people say about the programme?

  • Amongst preparing for cycle #4 I completely lost track on preparing my body. This course has been so worthwhile. Thank you.
  • I understand better how my body works and what I can do to improve my health. Would definitely recommend.
  • It was good to have all the information in one place, and have research explained in a way I could understand. I feel I can now do something and be more in control.
  • I learned good strategies to manage my emotions and felt supported. The weekly webinar is a safe place to ask questions.