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A complete assessment and at-home testing for female and male fertility.



Register to start the questionnaire and get your at-home diagnostic tests that will give you more information about your hormones and other biomarkers.



In up to 5 days you will have received the test kit at home and will be able to collect the blood sample. You can join a video call with one of our clinicians if you need guidance during the sample collection.




The sample is analysed by a certified lab. In 48 hours access your results and review your report in a free consultation with a clinician who can guide your next steps.



Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc (Founder)

Infertility affects 1 in 6 of us. It takes on average 3.2 years to be diagnosed and a further 1.6 years to access specialist help. We are here to change that!

Enhanced Fertility was founded by Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc, multi awarded nurse consultant, lecturer, researcher, TEDx speaker and author. For Andreia and her team, the issue of fertility is personal.

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How can Enhanced Fertility help you?

Everyone has the right to grow a family. Sometimes they need a bit of help. We are that help! We provide affordable fertility testing and care that takes the trial and error out of baby-making.

For patients

We help people who are trying to conceive take control of their fertility health by completing a comprehensive assessment of the factors that may affect their fertility, analyzing their fertility hormones and biomarkers and connecting with clinicians who create a personalised plan.

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For clinics

We help doctors, nurses and embryologists test their patients remotely, ahead of fertility treatment and have a comprehensive view of their patients’ health data through the Doctors Portal © so they can make informed and personalised clinical decisions.

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