The Enhanced Fertility Advisory Board is formed by professionals in the fertility field that give us medical insights and guidance in the development of our products. We also have fertility patients to help us develop relevant products, tools and solutions that provide the best possible outcomes to the patients in our community.

Dr Elias Tsakos

Medical Director - Embryoclinic

Salomé Lopez

UR Vistahermosa

Dr Hector Izquierdo

Dr Hector Izquierdo

Gynaecologist - Clinic Tambre

RN Visha Trotman

Registered Nurse - NewLife

Jakub Dejewski

CEO - IVF Media

Erivelton Laureano

CEO - IVF Brazil

Dr Evangelos Makrakis

Scientific Director - Hygeia IVF, Athens, Greece

Dr Vladimiro Silva

CEO - Ferticentro

Monica Bivas

Mindset & Fertility Coach

Karin Rosenstein

Next Fertility Nordic

Dr Simone Rofena

Zita West

Dr Alejandro Aldape Arellano

Dr Alejandro Aldape Arellano

Dr Alex

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