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London nurse up for prestigious UK award for digital platform improving access to fertility treatment

RCN Nursing Awards

A nurse entrepreneur who has sped up access to fertility treatment with their digital platform has been shortlisted for one of the profession’s top accolades.

Andreia Trigo, co-founder of Enhanced Fertility, has been selected from 920 entries as finalists in the FuturU-sponsored Digital Innovation category of the RCN Nursing Awards 2023.

Ms. Trigo will find out if she has won at a ceremony on Friday 10 November at Liverpool Cathedral. The overall RCN Nurse of the Year 2023, selected from all the category winners, will also be announced at the event.

Nurse consultant and entrepreneur Ms Trigo led the development of the digital platform to allow healthcare professionals to request tests for patients ahead of fertility treatment. It also gives them access to patients’ health information to better assess them remotely for diagnosis and decision-making.

Ms Trigo oversaw the project, as well as defining key clinical protocols. Patients using the platform are now able to complete affordable fertility testing three times faster than standard practice. This means they can start treatment sooner, which has increased the likelihood of live birth.

Ms Trigo said: ‘Being acknowledged as a finalist in these prestigious awards reaffirms my dedication and passion for leveraging technology to improve outcomes of patients experiencing infertility. It also serves as a reminder that we are at the forefront of a transformative era in healthcare, where digital solutions play a pivotal role in delivering patient-centred care.’

RCN general secretary and chief executive Pat Cullen said: ‘Our inspiring finalists demonstrate the very best of nursing and what can be achieved in some of the challenging times for the profession.

‘They highlight the wide variety of ways nurses improve the care of people at all stages of life and how they demonstrate their professionalism and clinical excellence every day, and in every setting, throughout the UK.’

The Foundation of Nursing Studies is the award’s charity partner this year. Its chief executive and current chair of the judging panel Joanne Bosanquet MBE said: ‘The quality of entries this year was superb and it was near impossible to choose our finalists from the creative and innovative work submitted. 

‘The shortlist showcases excellence and recognises the enormous difference that nurses make to people’s lives throughout the UK.’

The RCN Nursing Awards will this year be held alongside the inaugural Nursing Live, a new and dynamic event for everyone who works in nursing.  Hosted over two days (November 10th-11th) at the ACC complex in Liverpool, the event will focus on both the professional and personal development of nurses at every stage of their careers and will be the first event of its kind for the sector.


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RCN Digital Innovation Finalist

RCN Awards Finalist- Digital Innovation

Andreia Trigo, a nurse entrepreneur has sped up access to fertility treatment with their digital platform has been shortlisted for one of the profession’s top accolades.
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