Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements

Welcome to the module on Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements. What we eat provides the energy we need for your body to work and each organ to do what it is supposed to do. Some foods are exactly what our body needs to function and thrive whilst others have a negative impact on bodily functions. During this module you will learn about:

  • Nutrition & Hydration, what to include in your diet and what to avoid
  • Supplements
  • Improving egg and sperm quality
  • Mindful eating

The overall aim of this module is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create a food plan that works for you, not only during this phase of your life but long term. For that reason, it needs to fit around foods that not only nourish your body but that you enjoy eating, fitting around your schedule, lifestyle and way of living.

As a way of achieving this aim, we suggest you download and print the Enhanced Fertility Programme Workbook which had a process defined for this particular module, including a 7 Day Food Diary and My Food Plan. You can also schedule your 3 one to one consultations with a fertility nurse and coach to help you in this journey of improving your physical and emotional health for fertility. Schedule your consultations here.


Nutrition and Hydration



Unprocessed vs Processed Food

The Fertility Diet: Part 1

Carbs, Protein and Fat

The Fertility Diet: Part 2

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Improving Egg Quality

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Improving Sperm Quality


Mindful Eating

Healthy & Tasty Food

Healthy Recipes