Managing Emotions

Welcome to the module on Managing Emotions. Managing emotions is a key part of going through fertility challenges. Research shows that a significant number of people going through fertility treatment feels anxious, depressed, or suicidal. This is related to not having their reproductive goals met, ongoing loss and grief, coping with uncertainty, feeling social pressure, amongst other reasons.

It is also known most people underestimate the upheaval of fertility treatment and emotional distress is the number one reason for people to stop treatment. This module is a crucial part of the Enhanced Fertility Programme and we anticipate that you may revisit this module several times in your journey, making use of the information that is most useful to you at that particular time. During this module you will learn about:

Remember to download and use the Enhanced Fertility Programme Workbook to guide you during the programme and keep track of how you're doing. You can also schedule your 3 one to one consultations with a fertility nurse and coach to help you in this journey of improving your physical and emotional health for fertility. Schedule your consultations here.

Emotions & Self

Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions

My Support Team

My Support Team

My Support Plan

My Support Plan

Mindfulness in Daily Living

Mindfulness in Daily Living

Emotions Normal

Are these emotions normal?

Fulfilled life

A Fulfilling Life


Making a decision about donation


Fertility Counselling


Holistic Care

Self Care

Basic Self Care

Coping with TWW

Coping with TWW

Embryo Transfer Mindfulness recording

Embryo Transfer Mindfulness

Identifying Fertile Window

Strategies for the TWW

Emotions & Relationships

Relationship Alive

Keeping the relationship alive

Relationships Mindfulness

Relationships Mindfulness

Emotions & Social Living


Dealing with difficult situations

Fertility in the Workplace

Fertility in the Workplace (coming soon)

Conversations with others

Conversations with others (coming soon)