Habits and Environment

Welcome to this module on Habits and Environmental factors. Our habits, addictions and environment can affect our overall health and in particular our fertility. During this module you will learn about:

  • Habits and Addictions that affect fertility
  • How to reduce or eliminate habits or addictions
  • Environmental factors that affect fertility
  • How to create a fertility-friendly environment
  • Using mindfulness in changing behaviour

Remember to download and use the Enhanced Fertility Programme Workbook to guide you during the programme and keep track of how you're doing. You can also schedule your 3 one to one consultations with a fertility nurse and coach to help you in this journey of improving your physical and emotional health for fertility. Schedule your consultations here.
Andreia Trigo - Habits and Addictions

Habits and Addictions

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Andreia Trigo Self Compassion

Self Compassion Mindfulness

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