Tambre is one of the leading fertility clinics in Spain. It is characterised by its high success rates, among the highest in Europe. To achieve this, it uses the best technology and is at the forefront of fertility treatment provision.

Focused on the patient and individualised care, the clinic has experienced professionals who develop personalised reproductive medicine with the aim of achieving pregnancy in the shortest possible time.

High success rates and specialisation have turned Tambre into a second opinion clinic, trying to help and answer patients' concerns in order to solve the most complex medical cases. Its treatment specialities include cases of low ovarian reserve, embryo implantation failure, repeated miscarriages, endometriosis or immunological factors that may be preventing pregnancy, among others.

The fertility centre is located in the heart of Madrid, in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of the capital, in El Viso. We promote advanced reproductive medicine by putting the patient at the centre in order to achieve pregnancy in the shortest possible time. We also accompany our patients through the process from an emotional point of view.

Tambre is a pioneering assisted reproduction clinic in many ways. It supports research and innovation with its Foundation, which allows reproductive medicine professionals to train at its facilities and maintains a constant output of scientific research to improve treatment and find new solutions.


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