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How long does it take to receive the kit?

After ordering, the kit will be with you within up to 5 days.

When do I collect the sample?

Samples to test male fertility tests can be collected at anytime. Samples for female fertility tests may need to be collected at a certain time of the cycle: FHS, LH, Oestradiol are collected between day 3 and 5; Progesterone is collected on day 21. All other female hormones can be collected anytime. If you don’t have periods, you can collect the sample anytime.

How do I know if I’m collecting the blood correctly?

The test kit has clear written instructions in different languages, images and also a video that shows how to collect a sample. You can also book a video consultation with a clinical advisor, to guide you whilst you collect your sample. We’ll help you every step of the way to make sure you are collecting the blood sample correctly.

How much blood do I need to collect?

Depending on how many hormones and biomarkers are being tested, your kit will include one, two or three sample collection microtainers. Each microtainer holds 10 to 15 drops of blood. With a simple finger prick using the lancet provided, you can get this small amount of blood into the microtainer.

What if I can't collect the sample?

Our team can be with you in a remote video call to help you collect the sample. However, if you don’t want to prick your finger, you can get help from a family member or friend to do it for you.

How long does it take to get the results back?

Once you collect the sample, send it to the lab in the pre-paid envelope provided. Results for hormonal tests will be within your email usually in 48 hours. More complex tests, like chromosomal tests can take up to 21 days.

How do I understand my results?

Your results will be reviewed by a clinician who will also check your overall clinical history. You will be invited to book a consultation to discuss the results and decide on the next steps.

Will my doctor accept results from an at home test kit?

Yes, we work with many clinics to provide testing and assessment for their patients. You will have access to your results in the Enhanced Fertility app and also be able to download a PDF that you can share with your doctor.

Are at-home test kits reliable?

Yes, the fertility test kit is UKCA and CE marked and our labs partner participates in National External Quality Assessment Schemes. These schemes are subscribed to by NHS and private laboratories and results are subjected to strict internal and external quality control. This means your results are as reliable as a standard blood test at a clinic.

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