ROPA Technique

Fertility Treatment Options
Key Points

  • ROPA technique stands for reception of oocytes from the partner.
  • It allows female same-sex couples to actively participate in the gestation process.

What is ROPA Technique?

ROPA technique stands for reception of oocytes from the partner. It is a technique for female same sex couples, in which the embryo is the end result of the egg of one of its mothers and is carried in the uterus of the other. It allows both mothers to participate in the gestation process.

Who is ROPA for?

Ropa is for female same sex couples who want to actively participate in the process, either by choice or by medical reasons, such as:
  • Problems with egg quality or quantity
  • To avoid known hereditary diseases
  • To avoid known chromosomal or genetic abnormalities
  • When there was failure in previous fertility treatments

Stages of ROPA Technique

  1. The woman contributing the egg will undergo ovarian stimulation for 10-12 days as in standard IVF.

  2. The eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the lab with the sperm from a donor. These are kept in an incubator to develop over the next few days.

  3. The woman who is receiving the embryos undergoes hormonal treatment to prepare the endometrium.

  4. The best quality embryo will be transferred to the uterus of the woman who will become pregnant. Other embryos will be frozen for further transfers.

ROPA Success Rates

The ROPA technique makes it possible to include the two members of the couple in the process of having a baby, since both are involved in the treatment: one contributes her eggs and the other carries the baby.

A research study presented at ESHRE, found that it could have higher birth rates than the traditional method in which the pregnant woman provides the egg as well. In the case of the rate of live births, the difference was 53% for ROPA, compared to 29.3% with IVF. It is thought the difference in birth rates is related to the ovarian stimulation before transfer in the traditional IVF process.
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