Patient Experience at Cyprus IVF Hospital

What I learned over the last couple of days

For the last few days, I have been at Cyprus IVF Hospital and got to meet the team in their working environment and experience first hand what patients go through. In full disclaimer, the hospital paid for travel expenses, but had no input in editing the content of this blog. This post is a reflection of my own views and experience. Enhanced Fertility always provides an honest review and we don’t receive commission for patient referrals.

Here’s what I learned:

Travel and accommodation

They really take care of everything for patients. From booking the hotel, to pick up from the airport with a lovely welcome note, travel between hotel and hospital, shipping medication etc. it’s gives so much peace of mind.

The team and the Cyprus IVF Hospital

The team is so kind and knowledgeable. Over the last few days it was clear they honestly want to do the best for their patients, they greet you with a smile, always listen and try to find a solution. There is no sense we are being rushed for anything.

Processes and documentation are so well defined. The consent form is one of the best and clear I’ve seen, emails are carefully curated and there’s defined ways to deliver good and bad news.

Communication is key. Each patient has access to a WhatsApp group where they can ask their questions, from treatment, to logistics to financial, they always get an answer quickly.

The Cyprus IVF Hospital is inside a very large hospital where other medical specialties are available. That means that special tests and investigations can be done in house, and if patients need help from the nutritionist or psychologist, there are available.

Treating patients from abroad

99% of their patients are coming from abroad, which means they are really prepared for different languages, cultures and needs. They are also one of the most inclusive fertility hospitals I’ve seen, caring for heterosexual couples, same sex couples, both male and female, single women… and language is curated to each singular need.

Nevzat and Yeliz really created a culture of safety. Coming from the aviation industry, they bring a new set of eyes that combined with the clinical expertise of their team, makes this such a good destination for fertility treatment.

26th Januar 2024
Team at Cyprus IVF Hospital

Patient experience at Cyprus IVF Hospital

For the last few days, I have been at Cyprus IVF Hospital and got to meet the team in their working environment and experience first hand what patients go through.
24th Oktober 2023
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